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3:26 / 57:05 FLAMEINMIND Lucid Dreaming/Portal Brain-Heart Implosion Jean Charles Moyen,Dan Winter,Patrick Botte now i’m dan winter and i am here today with not just patrick botti our wonderful programmer for all our biofeedback apps especially but our special guest today john charles moyen hello john charles is famous excuse me very much but he’s very famous he’s a movie maker and he’s also famous because uh being uh one of the premier ssp secret space program survivors uh and representing the french view actually and he along with i have done a lot of work with elena danang probably more him than me and uh and he’s a movie maker and uh the point for today is that we’re here to talk about the science the physics of how his lucid dreams turned into what is effectively a stargate portal and what the physics of that then when and…

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Talks with Tony Tier 3 Member Comments We fer the ability for such organizations to present their story on the websiteTalks with Tony Tier 3 Member Comments.

Nov 22, 2021 John F. Kennedy Jr. This is a cautionary tale about too easily accepting assertions and rumors as fact. The story starts exactly 58 years ago today, when I was a senior in Lenape High School in New Jersey listening to the announcement that President Kennedy had been shot. A few days later, I drove with friends to Washington to attend the funeral procession. Seeing the cortege with my fallen president’s casket pass by was an unforgettable emotional experience. When I returned home, I was so moved by the famous photograph of JFK Jr. saluting his father, that I painted a watercolor version of it: The following year, I was lucky enough to win a Navy scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study physics. Amphibious assault training with Marines in Little Creek, VA, 1966 Standing watch in port on a Frigate in the…

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