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FLAMEINMIND Lucid Dreaming/Portal Brain-Heart Implosion Jean Charles Moyen,Dan Winter,Patrick Botte

now i’m dan winter fractalfield.comflaminmind.com and i am here today with not just patrick botti our wonderful programmer for all our biofeedback apps especially flamenmind.com but our special guest today john charles moyen hello john charles is famous excuse me very much but he’s very famous he’s a movie maker and he’s also famous because uh being uh one of the premier ssp secret space program survivors uh and representing the french view actually and he along with i have done a lot of work with elena danang probably more him than me and uh and he’s a movie maker and uh the point for today is that we’re here to talk about the science the physics of how his lucid dreams turned into what is effectively a stargate portal and what the physics of that then when and he’s going to tell you the story when he had lucid dreaming even as a kid he had incredible ability like went to the beach and came back with sand between his toes and there were witnesses oh my god and and that story has been told in the films and the links will be with this movie and um and john charles is going to tell us more in a minute uh the point was then john charles came to me and said you know hey dan he was we were playing with elena denan together and he said you know we really should measure some of this stuff where’s the science and he’s making a new film right now uh jean charles what’s your new film called uh my new film is uh started revelation two the part two of my first uh it’s not a movie it’s like it’s it’s a documentary because my next movie was south shore too but it really is in uh next year because with a lot of things in the world i can shoot and now i prefer focus my mind to the the sequel of my documentary because it’s very important the first part the people love it and tell me everything tell me oh do you have a witness do you have a proof and there is something very very strange in the universe the gift of the star because a lot of witness saw my first movie and tell me john charles i want to testimony what i live with you in a few years in the 32 years in the 22 years and my parents too so every people know me and live with me in a lot of years can testimony for my next movie so i decide to make the sequel about two or three hours unbelievable with a lot of witness about me and my story and you so when jean charles came back from these incredible stargate portal type of lucid dreams lucid dreams that became so real dot dot dot question mark that it seems hard for physics to understand you know how were you there literally and remember that jean charles and i working with elena danan

The film I made with elena dennan on the physics of what a stargate portal is is a direct extension of the physics and science of what lucid dreaming is. How it’s triggered by implosive compression in the aura

[?] What comprises the aura and what is it made of – plasma?

MIT definition: Plasma is superheated matter – so hot that the electrons are ripped away from the atoms forming an ionized gas. Heating a gas will form plasma – a soup of positively charged particles (ions) and negatively charged particles (electrons.)

An Aura is superheated?

What implosively compresses an aura?

So when jean charles came to me and said let’s talk about the science, we knew intuitively that the physics had to be similar to what we’ve been working on which is that when the harmonics in the aura are implosive or compressive so the aura becomes very dense at the center and what’s enabled then is the less coherent transverse electromagnetic due to the squeezing implosive process through the plank threshold what emerges is what’s called longitudinal EMF coherence sometimes called scalar torsional drill buffer the bathroom the cow or the kiss John body many names for that but it’s actually a coherent longitudinal field array which is embeddable so the physics had to be that jeancharles psychometric his brain wave and his breath had to enter a certain harmonic series to in fact become centripetal and implosive goes from Patrick and I have spent our lifetime documenting what that is and and so we introduced jeancharles to Patrick and Patrick spent amazing time working on this together and is at the end of it the third step in this film is he’s going to show you the analysis of what happened next which is so John Charles actually did his homework he was dedicated and and he got the the muse headset for flameinmind.com the brain wave analysis and he got the heart rate variability and very simple chest strap polar chest strap that measures the low frequencies of the heart which is the breath called heart rate variability pulse analysis and so we were able to measure thanks to Jean Charles in fact Jean Charles did a short recording which we’re about to talk about maybe Jean Charles could you tell us just in a minute what was the situation when you made that recording we’re about to analyze so you were you about to sleep at that time or no no no I was in my office and working about my new documentary and I feel inside of me it’s time to test and I decide to to set in my in my share and I put the barrels and um I look my my boat with the Hawaii plate and the the picture of me and Michael salon and I think oh I do anything to to be here it was a yearning a yearning yes like when I was a teenager and I feel I want to go to my girlfriend and I feel something inside of me a warm around me and tingling and something strange in my in my brain and suddenly I feel warm and very odd and at this time my brain wave yeah he had extremely coherent alpha beta cascades and we’re about to look at that in fact we’re going to see we actually have the physics to show what was happening electrically so that was an implosive moment you know the where the survivors of the Montauk and Philadelphia tram travel experiences they went to the bar they were yearning to go to at that moment and I would also say that when I first measured bliss in brain waves at flamanmind.com on the cover I was feeling bliss because I was seeing that the brain wave harmonics were working so I was actually yearning for the bliss so the yearning fit the pattern which was there’s a moment when there’s a centripetal identification with the climax moment literally union with and and that embedding process up till now has been religious psychology and what we’re here to say today is ah now we have the electrical engineering physics so this brings us to the background of the conversation So what I’m going to I’m going to do 10 minute now intro to the physics of what we believe is the actual physics of lucid dreaming and how lucid dreaming can become a star date and then John Charles was going to describe just a little bit about his experiment and then importantly Patrick is going to do and a detailed analysis of the actual brain waves and heart harmonics that were measured when Jean Charles made his recording so I’m just doing a little desktop share here and we have this web article at the article that’s going to be a review of what we’re talking about today is flame in mind.com/lucid brain and Jean Charles is going to be kind of the star of this project in which he’s the the premiere example so lucid dreaming physics may be the most important breakthrough in the physics of consciousness for our generation anyone wishing to describe the physics of consciousness now must explain where and how consciousness exists outside the body since globally it’s known that surgeons MD’s have reported their out of body experiences in excruciating detail only longitudinal plasma projection into this array this field has any possibility to address this elephant in the room for the physics of consciousness study we’ve been teaching longitudinal interferometer EMF coherence physics of consciousness propagation out of the body for a decade many of our films and documentaries are on this red flame in mind.com/conjugate minds we’ve been teaching you know this more than theory of the physics of what lucid dreaming is for long time essentially we’ve shown by measurement that during implosive compression electrically what we’re about to talk about with jeancharles measured by golden ratio and octave cascades of coherence basically there’s a caduceus shape in the harmonics of the brain waves which is the name and purpose and proof of flame in mind com what happens electrically is that the normally less coherent transverse propagation of bodies order implodes exactly at the Planck length of time threshold by exact phase conjugate fractal golden ratio tuning to the plant threshold and then begins to much more coherently commit EMF out as longitudinal coherent EMF incorrectly called scalar the result is eventually to embed within and inhabit the fractal sacred launch array of nodes sometimes called dreaming tracks songlines earth grid sacred lines heaven planes of Sharon sounds at least you know there’s so many names for this but when had the scientists described what the processes that’s why we are here so getting leverage on this grid is well documented and aboriginal lore and most every indigenous wisdom tradition this array sometimes called sacred space has been measured extensively korotkov showed fractal air enabled ancestor phone calls with the Kogi and cozy have proved telepathy was enabled like this fractal array nodes and here’s the measurement links golden mean that info sense architecture and geobiology the purpose of this article in this conversation is a deeper exploration of physics both brain wave and plasma science of what electrically enables lucid dreaming ultimately the point in John Charles case where actually becomes a portal or stargate earlier we provide extensive evidence that phase counts get plasma like saraphi net actively supports and triggers lucid dreaming we replicated a field effect where we can trigger lucid dreaming and here’s the article at terrify.net the blog there myra’s report of triggering dramatic lucid dreaming in the implosive plasma field which incidentally shows the same harmonic uses the same harmonics that we’re about to measure in John Charles Cora precisely for the reasons articulated above longitudinal compression sacred space coherent implosive EEG triggers brain waves triggers the emergence of a coherent longitudinal field about around the body the Egyptians called this the BA from the car gur Jeff called it the kesn body this is directly related to the emergence of the drill field field from the vimana Nazi bell by longitudinal emission a gravity wave from and analogous tuned plasma vortex so here’s a picture of that plasma vortex so basically these are the harmonics in the brain wave the same as the harmonics actually in hydrogen golden ratio caduceus shaped cascade called phase conjugate and in that process the transverse field is compressed and squeezed out the toothpaste tube emerging on the right there’s a longitudinal electromagnetic field that’s the coherence field and inhabiting that which is literally embedding in a larger array initially enables lucid dreaming and ultimately enables a stargate to form and the film I made with Elena danaan on the physics of stargates is here in this article and then we have the fact that in today’s conversation we’re going to be featuring a really a triumph for Patrick here having is just in the process of the most exciting upgrade we’ve ever made to flameinmind.com which is the frame frame in mind brain heart link coherence so a new way of displaying brain heart coherence and Patrick is going to display that in a moment it’s amazing because you can actually see when your breath and trains the low frequencies in your brain wave and prove that your heart is in fact hooked to your head so then we go into jeancharles background here so at the link jeancharles moyen his major YouTube site and his film links and his filmography as his star seed one and now it will be starseed 2 which this is a teaser for everybody this is going to be the climax of the film isn’t it and and his South Shore film so the links are there it is critical to note here that the centerpiece of Moses John Charles amazing story is his consistent ability to lucid dream so powerfully that he regularly comes back with sand water items which prove he’s been there oh and what that means and why So what is stargate is so is Jean Charles asked for my help to do this and we hypothesize that those harmonics would in fact be present and and show that compression so now here at this link is a film of Jean Charles actually doing this but I think Patrick since he worked on this is going to actually display these graphics later just for a teaser here and really this is for Patrick analysis but you see the huge infrasound low frequency brain coherence which is entrained from the hve coherence and the incredible here’s the Patrick Lewis playing this incredible strong alpha peak which by the way Jean Charles in your case most of that was left brain dominant in your case actually extreme so extreme alpha coherence and there’s that cascade and Patrick I’ll talk about this in much more detail and I’m going to stop this screen share ’cause we’re going to leave this to Patrick to tell that story but just to say Jean Charles you know it is you know some people say that left brain dominant means you know logical as opposed to intuitive but it means one other thing actually I believe you know when we say the right brain is intuitive what we mean is it’s centripetal when we see the left brain is logical what we mean is it’s centrifugal now in fact if you were doing projection of plasma literally the squirtgun has to work so it would make sense that at that moment your left brain the projected part was more active of course this is subjective but what we can say for sure is extreme alpha coherence and left brain dominance which could correlate to a plasma project if more than a plasma receptive just at that moment so anyway Jean Charles is now going to tell us just a brief review of some of the most exciting parts of those stories and then Patrick is going to review that the analysis in terms of for John Charles what he was feeling and how this happened that so many of his powerful lucid dream became actually a portal stargate experience John Charles yes um it was the same thing as the and the same feeling when I was young and I was teleporting the toilet of my school and go to the toilet of my parents apartment in a few few kilometres I was in in the toilet in the in the in the school and suddenly I was busy and I feel a warm around me and tingling like in my office and suddenly when I opened my eyes you know in a in a in a second I was In a different place different in different places and the door was locked and we are in the three floor and no windows and the locals miss go to to open the door and no John chow so my parents must lie about the director to fill all my my my my son was sick and blah blah blah because it’s at this time there is a 40 years it’s it’s unbelievable to say that you know and I don’t want to go to the psychiatric this is the first time the first time it was not consciousness because I disappear so the only and I was in the toilet so I don’t want to go outside I am in the exam in the in the in the exam school so but after that when I was um 20 1880 I I was uh in in my room and I I feel I don’t I I won’t go through with my my girlfriend and at at this time I remember I do anything to be with with with my girlfriend and I’ve I see in my right arm my left eyes in my right eye is different um different picture a picture of my room was I’m here and the picture of the room of my my girlfriend and suddenly the two picture cross and I feel something when you stand up very speed I am dizzy and uh and when I open my eyes I was book pants just my sweet sweet shirt T-shirt and I was in a few kilometres in the in right front the door of the the apartment of my girlfriend no keys no shoes uh I live in the 9th floor in a building in Paris everything was in my room so my mother go to the to to the to the to the apartment and call my father and honey we have a problem don’t tell disappear or what do you mean um every every closes he’s here all my God he teleports OK I go and my my father bring me back my clothes and this was the part of my life very very important because I remember when I was in this state I was in the same state uh yesterday when I tested the the the the the yes it was the same thing I feel the same thing the same feeling with the warm and the tingling and the my conscious unconsciousness once again and I was very near to do the same thing I’m very I’m sure I’m sure the recording is very important because it’s not in my brain or I imagine something no it’s right in the in the in the software so and John Charles even hypothesized that one of the reasons he was taken for the secret space program was he had this amazing electrical talent or skill inside his aura and to lucid dream and to beat you know we we’ve been studying what a portal is but imagine an aura powerful enough that you can be the portal so now you know this sounds like science fiction until we look at the physics yeah for my aura never seen before the white aura because you don’t see me in my aura because she’s very strong and I remember I remember when I test my aura in in this big symposium in France every every light in the center shut down and I remember in in my eyes there is a true little ill LED it’s like a research and uh when the guys open the the the the photo he say Oh my God I never seen that because I have a lot of picture in the world Tibetan monk and a lot of things but you are unique I never seen before and it’s like you are protected by the star or are you extraterrestrial can I keep this photograph no no no no my father said Oh no you don’t keep this photograph of my son I keep and this is the proof because I have a lot of many research in in the world and never seen before this this aura and my daughter when I was uh when she was a young and she was in the bed she tell me oh daddy it’s it’s too bright it’s too bright but we are in the dark and my my daughter saw my aura it was unbelievable that’s great so John Charles is more than a natural flashbulb the point is the actual skill to implode your aura is the moment you become plasma projective and we’re linking that to the deep psychology of yearning and focus and will and intent and in fact embeddability which relates to compassion itself so this leads us beautifully now to this is going to become an open conversation in a few minutes at first the next step here is Patrick so basically the idea now is Patrick has done remember that Patrick has been working on this software to measure brain connection and heart rate variability we literally call it a flame in mind flame in mind.com because of exactly what John Charles just said it was a flame in his mind literally so this is Patrick has dedicated his life to that and he’s just upgraded this software to powerfully show another aspect of this in John Charles or which is the heart brain connection as well as the beautiful brain harmonics so at this point I think we turn this over to Patrick for about 10 more minutes or so and he’s going to share this analysis of the recording that John Charles just made so I wish I would share my screen do you see you see now yes yes and the film should be just coming in I think so it’s going OK so this is the the film of offshore shell that they ever date with new display of the yeah so he’s explaining he’s he plays a college strap and then I will speed it up and then and then you put the news headset and scale Patrick speak loudly and the sound from that film can obscures your voice a little bit so yeah D cloud Lee go ahead Patrick sorry working yeah so this you can see Jean Charles is actually doing the recording so he’s doing the recording and then the recording starts and after a while he told me I discussed a little bit with John chau since he made the recording and he told me that he he tried twice to to go to go out two to be teleported and so we will arrive at the first part here you see that the brain waves are very well I have to do to decrease a lot the the size of the brain wave because when when you get this states it was awful it was going out of the screen so that’s the reason why now for the moment we don’t see anything on the screen and then we arrive at that then it’s off off the church not in there and it’s down to mention and marvelous alphabet but very very big alphabeat and on the left brain and so he stay for a few some one minute or so and then come back come back again this is the first the first part the first part we see better all the and there’s a geometry to that cascade that Patrick is going to analyze and then he stopped for a while and start again after a while this is a second a second right it’s just coming now yeah see huge French again the same thing but very very big brain waves and it’s it’s almost the same thing that we have with with kids with which can see without their eyes and you see that so and now it’s stop and So what we can do also this is a tune with display here that during the the moment that he went off and say like this it’s it’s hard to increase role also the heart rate in red on the bottom yeah but maybe it should be easier to zoom on the different part and so this is what we get what we can see on the the brain wave spectrum in fact we have we have our way of analyzing this is try to find golden ratio and ratio related to the alpha P and this is an example here you see there the golden ratio are in pink and the ratio and light blue if you start with the alpha in green that becomes the base point and we calculate golden ratio in pink and octave in blue from there I’m sorry cool yes golden ratio and blue and golden ratio of pink I’m sorry yes but it’s still going ratio on feet wearing blue it starts based on the alpha peak frequency so we started the alpha peak and then we multiplied this alpha peak by the golden ratio or by factor 2 for the update and then we are looking in in the spectrum if there are other peaks which are coming according to this ratio Patrick mentioned that that’s exciting because that’s exactly how Patrick identified the moment when the kids could see without their eyes right Patrick yes yes it’s it’s really well it’s not exactly the same because it’s much stronger the the the amplitude of the brain wave are much much bigger with Jean band with the kids but the shape the shape of the brain waves during this part of the session is almost the same John Charles was more coherent yeah yeah yeah yes dear and what we can see here well there are few examples again with golden ratio and and few ratio but you can see that there are in the yellow shade which is sometimes of of summary of what’s happening in in the brain waves which which it’s easier to to see exactly the golden ratio that single peak and you see that there are a lot of or things that well you see it here with my mouse you see there is a golden ratio and octave ratio and on the top both of them on the same part of the speed which is that the gamma range right yes yes any around 50 years or a little bit below 50 Hertz and and you see on these three example when when you start from the the alpha P and then you go up with golden ratio and octave ratio there is a place where we have almost the same frequency for golden ratio and octave ratio and we see that each time on the free display here free example here you have you have something happening there and originally that those gamma frequencies were called Tibetan gamma ’cause that correlated to moments when the Tibetans were measurably most psycho kinetic as well yeah yes it’s it’s really amazing but these kind of shape is exactly the same kind of shape that we have with the kids and so but young John Charles is just more higher amplitude there which indicates much higher amplitude and also which is very interesting too is that is creating a very big alpha peak on the left brain and for the kids there were there were no alpha or almost no alpha as much and here we have a very very big alpha yeah remember the alpha is literally the Schumann harmonics here literally things like with the earth and the earth grid as a way to get leverage and then cascade triggers that implosion which allows you to embed and literally the launch yourself into that array it’s the hypothesis and the physics seems to prove that but you you will see the next yes OK the next slide in fact well this is a summary of the recording and you see on the right this is so please is going really up almost 90 beats per minute and this is the increase in pink of the gamma and in blue of the beta and that’s that’s the shape that we we find here memory of but what is very important is this speech here we have and it’s this speech is very interesting because it’s not really related to human frequency which would be here between 7:00 and 8:00 but this peak is exactly the frontier of alpha and the pizza I see so his alpha frequency which was at the high end of the alphabet in the top of the alpha frequency which probably enabled that cascade because that’s where higher higher up the cascade than the gamma is an overlap of the golden ratio and octave yeah it’s silly but very important on the bottom right you see that so basically the heart rate went way up when we got that leverage and then are you also going to show this slide which shows the the HRV mayor type analysis yes yes so next month but you see here as John Shaw explained it was a first try here and then a second try here showed up directly in the heart rate directly there is jump in each RV yeah but when we watch the movies not it is not moving at all right like if we would let’s watch him why while doing there is some movement at all there is nothing it was the stillness yes it’s completely serious well this is another analysis which should be available in July and we are also measuring the very low wave frequency of the of the brain so it’s called infra brain waves and it’s around .1 earth and it’s very interesting here you will see in in light here this is the very low part of the brain waves and we have a frequency of about 6 cycles per minute this is the Peach here which is the mayor wave the .1 Hertz which is the variation of the blue pressure inside the body and this is the frequency which is used for for career instead it’s the most important frequency in the body it’s the key to the HRP LF it’s the key to the spine liquid pump should be split so you see it’s the same display but in large so in white is the spectrum in cycles per minute of the brain wave and in rat it’s this spectrum and you see that there is also a peak in very very low frequency and she’s surrounded well let’s say two cycle a good bit less than two cycles per minutes and this is this can be the the frequency of the emptiness of the brain wave of the brain ventricles so it’s the frequency of the just final liquid pump so the spine liquid pump triggers that moment when the ventricles actually drain and there’s that you know the ventricle hort mechanism kundalini and that’s on the left there at around two cycles per minute and then further right around six cycles per minute which is about .1 Hertz there’s the major white peak which is brain brain infrasound but not the red peak but in some cases we see both but the point is the drama of this new release of flame in mind which displays the brain infrasound the brain for sound right along with the heart in for sound and shows the heart brain connection directly it’s amazing congratulations Patrick and congratulations yeah so yes you were going to say about so there you almost have a major wave breath on the lower left in the red is that right Patrick that this I’m speechless with your analyze it’s it’s wow so your brain harp was profoundly connected at just below 2 cycles per very long wave you literally grabbed a long wave you know in the sense of rides along wave uncle Joe was surfers of the civilian but Patrick we wanted you to finish there and then then we chatted last slide so I always stop sharing my screen but I I have a I have a question for Sean shower when you was talking that before going to his girlfriend place that he was seeing on one eye one place and with the other eyes the other place can you say it again in which eyes were your originel place and which eyes will be the next one I remember my left eyes was my room and my right eyes was the place of my girlfriend and yesterday I remember the same thing I forget to tell that in these eyes in left eyes I was in my office and in this eyes I remember the moment when I was on the beach with my friend Michael and with the wave and the the blue ocean and the I was very my God it’s a good feeling and he began to cross and I was afraid I don’t know why and this stop and after one second or three can I try again but it’s not working but everything was recording so it’s happened something real because everything is is in the software now but That’s what my eyes was the same thing when I was to try to tell abroad I see two um two picture two photo in in different eyes and it’s cross and after that I feel a warm around me and little dizziness dizziness and I lost consciousness once again and when I opened my eyes I am in this in other place this is the the the the twice this is the same thing when I was a kid I think that that’s a beautiful sensitivity to what’s happening and you really tuned into your own inner experience and if I may say I think that description may fit the physics beautifully because if the right eye you were seeing where you were going yeah which is tide to the left brain where we’re seeing dramatic plasma projective left brain the projective side and the the left eye tide to the right brain which is where you were it sort of fits the receptive intuitive is actually the implosive side of the brain and the projective logical left brain is the plasma projective literally implosion versus explosion point would be then that when you achieve the implosion of where the two come to phaselock that implosion allows you to then ride that wave and inhabit the bigger risk so that’s the stargate moment and actually your intuition tells you when you’re ready to ride that stargate obviously you don’t want to create that stargate on unless the intent is there and there are many conditions that enable safety when you propagate in that array as well namely this endpoint in the receive point would ideally be nearer to magnetic line cross enabling mourners which is literally why you know when the ETS setup a stargate they use natural magnetic earth line cross points to do that so there could be a very interesting conversation about the physics of that but Patrick did you get your question answered sorry go ahead it’s related to to what we have seen so it’s the big al files on the left brain exactly and the big peaks or ourselves and have brains so the right brain is is much much lower than the left the receiving side was tuned down a bit so the ascending side was projected but Sean Charles you wanted to say something yes yeah because we we spoke with with with you my friend and it’s like a puzzle in my brain so I I take the the the the piece of the puzzle and I remember when I was in a spaceship Maria tell me you are a special child so your training is different from other child and she called me you are a superstar seed and I tell Y superstar seed and she tells me this world exactly you are superstar see because you can teleport yourself without any device and it’s never happened so now I understand because she tell me this because there’s a computer proof that it was very something very strange about about me and I’m very very grateful the science can prove there is something very strange about my energy implosive harmonics and in fact your new film is called starseed 2 right yes exactly well when we go into the deeper physics of this we see that what we’re saying is the longitudinal compressional or scalar wave that’s propagated in bearden’s equation is literally what a gravity wave is made of which is an introduction the true physics of astrology for the advanced student but so when we say what a star seat is what we’re saying is there’s this beautiful magical fractal harmonic array which is a nest which gurdjieff described he said stars and planets experience gravity relations erratically what he meant was that it array was in fact inhabitable and potentially self aware why it is now proven that orbital mechanics not just in the solar system but in the universe are dominated by golden mean ratio and for those who happen to know why objects fall to the ground and for those who don’t fractalfield.com says conjugate gravity but that’s what stabilizes gravity the same centripetal force that enables a lucid dream to become a stargate so but in terms of star seed transmission was beautiful here for John Charles is now we can connect an intro to the physics and the science to what is in fact in his case a very dramatic and very well documented history of where his lucid dreams become literally so real back he has been there remember we’ve been doing an extensive series now if you see our YouTube channel youtube.com says Dan winter fractal field many of those films are on the techniques for inducing lucid dreams for example one of the main ones is of course that great stillness and it’s nice to be at a magnetic paint on earth grid flying cross is sunrise and sunsets a little better equinox solstice is a little better all of that is because four wave mixing means the four wave right angles called phase conjugation but the point is then in that training there is what’s called the mayor wave breath which actually is exactly what Patrick was just talking about that six cycles per minute .1 Hertz which is also the LF which we saw in John Charles low frequencies so intuitively and naturally jeancharles linked the low frequency the .1 Hertz the mayor wave the LF component to the brain wave alpha to a cascade all the way up to the gamma in that cascade looks like a caduceus sometimes called Hermes which was the returning of deep space 9 and in that film which which are called the cedar races in this case the star seats maybe this is the reason why I have an interaction in ark when I when I go to the tube with the space the space is in stasis and the light on and the light on because my DNA was very special now I understand they feel like energy in ark and why there are other reaction when I touch something in ark and everything is explained now with the with this this proof with my brain wave we should a little background here for the people who are not familiar with the with the ark story the returning the starseed purportedly left these mark these constructors deep underground etc in Bimini and in South Pole and one of the things in there was this famous suspended in the air huge water sphere which is in fact a stargate portal and which on Charles is saying was that in fact these arcs are triggered by the presence of those who have coherent or coherent DNA which John Charles was just speaking about and the ability to sense that presence you know there’s the whole story among the lucid dreaming remote viewers that there’s alarms for remote viewers at area 51 well who designed the electrical engineering for to sense the presence of a remote viewer well now we know you know this longitudinal wave node coherence so but the presence of that field of coherent aura is a trigger for many things and the reason these things were called art was because once our DNA becomes that implosive remember the low frequencies of the heart trigger we measured the braiding and DNA that implosion goldenmean.info/DNA manifesto we’ve spent a lifetime measuring the onset of recursively coherent implosive braiding in DNA directly correlated to the onset of heart coherence real heart coherence.com is another app from Patrick and I for measuring that kind of hard coherence and so that it’s a low frequency phonon cascade from the heart and brain exactly what Patrick was just describing in measuring John Charles that triggers the mechanical braiding process to ultimately implode the long wave into the shortwave the brain and the brain of the brain in the braid and the DNA of vegetables toroidal implosive and that’s a moment when it’s called the Lord of the ring moment you know it’s called the moment of you know that’s why only one ring will hold them all and oh me those who have pure intention… And also also what we have seen them very very low frequency of the of the spectrum of the brain wave which is related to the frequency of the spinal bomb so it means that his spinal pump is working fine and very very accurate accurate because most of the people this pump is fixed it’s not working correctly and so it’s a very it’s done very very difficult to to to go to Korea instead because this part of our the movement inside our body is fixed yeah so remember Patrick has spent most of his life studying and doing the practice of spine liquid pumps sacro cranial actually craniosacral dash app dot com Patrick’s website is all about the sacro cranial pump and what he’s saying is John Charles ability to breathe coherently creating that low frequency in the heart rate variability linked to brain coherence proved that his fine liquid pump was actually pumping as upledger said if your spine liquid is pumping it’s clinically impossible to be depressed or more than that that is the beginning of the lightning bolt that is the physics of kundalini we’ve documented that physics golden mean that input slash kundalini so I guess the summary of this John Charles is you are to be congratulated and and you know we can use this now to empower young people in fact you know maybe what we could say here something about perhaps Sean Charles would be OK now if you are a young person and you’re yearning for these kinds of experiences you know practical next step learn coherent breath learn you know pure intention in fact there’s something about you jeancharles which emerged with an intent from a very young age which I would say would be a very shareable wave oh when I when I was four I think everything started when I was four and in the on the beach with my parents when I disappear and after I come back the ability is was very very high at this time so I think something happened when I was abducted at this time and before that yes when I was born there is a lot of storm outside the hospital exactly at the same place when my mother burst burst me I I don’t I don’t know why I say in in front birth literally yeah yeah and this is this is strange because there is a striking with a storm with a lot of um well you know the yeah we won’t say this is a scene from the movie powder but yeah yes exactly the same thing exactly powder yeah and but you know the physics is actually that it’s been measured in fact that if you put an amperage literally a short lightning bolt through DNA it’s been the DNA will become measurably superconductive literally implosive and that’s why you know you know kundalini feels like a lightning bolt but moreover we can say that from dannion Brinkley experience of having clinically died at least twice in lightning and written a book yes about the the near death experience that resulted from lightning and naturally then anyone he would touch he would get a flash and he could feel the emotions of whole life of persons he would touch because his DNA became superconductive related to lightning experience so all this sort of fits together and also you know why ball lightning is so famously responsive to telepathy I was dead in a 9 minutes too I was a dead 9 minutes when I was in my there is a a few years uh I I work in the in the nightclub and suddenly there is a fight and I fall on the ground and my my head fall so I run a piece I run of a table and a my head blow and my eyes wide open and no herb beat and no breath everything was nothing at all and somebody takes the the the care but I was dead in the 9 minutes before the emergency arrived and then suddenly in the in the emergency car I opened my eyes but I remember at this time I don’t see anything like a two nail or everything but I remember a white and bright entities beings around me and I heard the song of Amazing Grace but it’s impossible in in the emergency a car because there is a radio frequency don’t they they don’t listen in this OK so I remember after that the next day I work like everything is OK it’s impossible I was a trauma like 4 level OK and a few days after I go to a radio ography for my brain and the doctor tell me I never seen this before because the radio is OK and the the scanner was lightning when I enter inside and uh you have no injury it’s like you never fall in your life in your head but it’s impossible so you are protected by angels minister so it’s a curious you know because uh I was dead in 9 minutes and suddenly my head was like this and uh in the two of one hour everything was OK and after that I work the next day so it’s impossible with this injury you know there is a lot of witness 100 or 200 witness about that everything say John Charlie is dead and everything every people cry because Oh my God it’s I have opened eyes and like a movie or a movie you know it’s it’s it’s incredible story about my near death experience it’s it’s beautiful because in in this process we can study the way through death actually and of course we’ve always been saying that those who can lucid dream are the ones who will take memory through death so studying the physics of lucid dreaming this is probably one of the best ways to take memories through death and remember as we’ve been we made a film recently with with our friends entitled the lost art of resurrection in which we described the fact that being able to come through a near death experience in the case of the templars probably a three day and we say the voynich manuscript was actually the way to induce the near death experience intentionally because by going into that array and learning to inhabit that larger array almost like but more than a lucid dream which now we know is that launched an array called heaven hey you know they play this role so the practicing of inhabiting that array and getting leverage on that array some people call it you know the 4th dimension but it’s actually not quite the right word for it in fact what the harmonics of the cascade with golden ratio enable the next superposed axis of spin based on golden ratio cube dodeca and that implosive process is what enables you to inhabit that array and they call it higher density or higher frequency but we are much more specific in describing what that mechanism is that when you had like the templars their initiation was a near death experience the lost art of resurrection actually and and we’d like to credit our friends who work in this beautiful science with Jean Charles is another example so you know immortality in that sense Israel once we understand what it is to inhabit that array and by now teaching the physics of the brain wave and the heart training and the breath training to inhabit that stillness implosive Lee and where your attention can move into that larger array we’re literally teaching the way through death it’s a beautiful thing and thank you Sean Charles thank you so I think that might be a happily ever after what do you think you know I think I think this is beautiful so remember this film for our flame in mind.com project is an introduction to new capabilities in the feedback and the software we want to thank John Charles in the article we flame in mind.com/lucid brain but also this film is a teaser or John Charles new movie maybe tell people again the name of that movie and where to find it

Star seed revelation 2 about the sequel about the first part was a part of my life but now deceive every every people can see my video capsule about me 15 capsule in a connection alien my channel YouTube they explain a lot of thing about my life but inside there is the witness about everything I tell things a lot of years so the people can explain a testimony my parents my best friend my alot of things and a lot of scientific proof like you my friend and another person for I don’t want you to to tell the punch of my movie but it will be amazing blow our mind and spoil I’m very what spoiler alert here yeah no spoiler but I’m very grateful guys thank you very much to the bottom of my heart to to to to help me too with the scientific proof and I’m very very very happy thank you very much thank you very much so we’re so happy to work with you and just one last thought here in mentioning John Charles movie

so Patrick is launching the newest version of this flame in mind.com software to measure this heart brain connection how we were able to help Sean Charles so Patrick just say briefly you know what is it about a month till that’s released and where we find that yeah probably probably during July A few few things to fix but it’s almost there so much so stay tuned to flameinmind.com and notice what we’re measuring with that software is precisely what John Charles did linked the heart to the brain thank you from the bottom of our heart John Charles thank you Dan thank you Patrick thank you very much we’re becoming a shareable wave thank you blessings