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Accommodating Meat-Eaters

For Earth humans to honor the right of free will for all other species including Earth animals, a way to accommodate meat-eating humans must be found.

That’s because it is clear that the current offering of meat alternatives (especially the ruling class recent push for us to eat insects) is not acceptable to most meat-eaters. And the artificial replicator food found on ships that Tony Rodrigues described as “slimy” and unappealing would undoubtedly be rejected by most people.

As a result, one strategy for moving toward full implementation of animal rights is to encourage research into exactly how humans may have a genetic/biological need to eat animal products. That research could be a foundation for creating truly superior, satisfying and healthy substitutes.

Our first step in supporting that strategy will be to request information on the biological need for meat from a Los Angeles group that believes they have evidence that humans not only require animal products for good health, but that the food should be raw! 

Another strategy is to encourage all meat-eaters to help find ways to reduce the suffering of animals being slaughtered.

That strategy could help raise the awareness of those who merely have a preferential habit, but not a physical need for animal products. As a first step in raising awareness of the need to reduce animal suffering, we encourage people to view the videos on Kinder World.