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FineDay is a collection of projects created to support our motto, “Learn from the Past, Live in the Present, Create the Future with Love.”  CONTACT

FineDay Fiction

Songbird Astral Adventures is an exciting Sci-fi story intended to be read as a Kindle Book and to be viewed as a feature film and TV series.

Some see it as the origin story of The FineDay Academy (see below.)

FineDay Time Travel introduced the “Year of Friendship” project to promote international friendship and world peace. The website also focuses on “time travel” trips to preview important upcoming events for various humanitarian groups.

The FineDay Academy is being developed as an online learning center. 

Among the subjects presented are research topics used to inform the story Songbird Astral Adventures.

TOUR THE SEASIDE CAMPUS The campus was built with virtual reality software, so VR tours will eventually be available. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from a video where the lead character of Songbird Astral Adventures, talks about another character, while the background flies through The Seaside Campus:

Once the academy has the resources needed, it will present Points in Time, an educational project building on history quiz questions developed with the help of FineDay Patreon members.

The academy also has the FineDay Cafe a campus center for various meetings, events and celebrations.

Finally, here’s information about the Academy’s Mission, Guiding Principals and Founder.

For a very short picture story about events leading up to the creation of FineDay, please read About MAIN STREET MULTIMEDIA Kind of a Cat Tale.

You’re welcome to contact FineDay about any of our projects:

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