Since you’ve had the vax and might not have gotten one of the placebo shots, you might be interested in the following info I printed out for a little old lady that works in a local market. She stumbled into me and apologized that she’s been “experiencing vertigo.”

Knowing that persistent vertigo is a lesser of the many harms of the shots, I asked if she’d been vaccinated. She said she got the Moderna shot, which “made her sick.” I asked if she’d looked up vax harm remedies on the Internet and she said she didn’t own a computer.

So, I printed out the following remedies for her that were recommended by Dr. Liabow as good protocols to follow for people who have been injected or transfected (by shedding of vaccinated people.)



Instead of trying to show you videos on our zoom calls, I’ll use this section of the website to eventually present the many videos and documents from medical doctors and whistle blower scientists that provide evidence for grave concern about the shots.

This first video with Dr. Northrup and Michael Jaco answers your question about evidence that pilots are dying from the blood clots created by the shot and not just normal everyday blood clots people get on long plane rides. I edited it down to 20 minutes. If you’d prefer the unedited 50 minute version, it’s here.


I’ve included the next video, even though you saw it on the zoom call, because I invited a few friends for a sneak peek at FineDay under construction.

If they check out this department, I think they might benefit from seeing the following overview by such an incredibly accomplished female MD Psychiatrist, who gives a glimpse at one of the insane motivations behind the vax campaign.

As I said in the video, I think that last guy is an alarmist, because I believe some of the remedies I referred to earlier may mitigate the harm done by vaxxes.

I’m actually more concerned that there may be truth in all the reports about the drug cartel / deep state “cabal” plans.

Since the shots leave the victims’ immune systems defenseless, they are open to illness and possibly death, when encountering viruses in the upcoming flu season.

So, the alleged cabal plan is to not blame vax harm for any upcoming illness and deaths of vaxxed people, but to blame the healthy unvaxed people, as an excuse to lock up those who are opposed to the new tyranny.

If you’re interested, I’ll tell you what I’ve heard about why the corrupt rulers are so desperate to force everyone in the world to take a useless and harmful shot, while threatening dissenters with firing from their jobs to possibly being sent to a FEMA isolation camp.

Anyway, it’s reprehensible that none of the corporate controlled mainstream media have reported the fact that the drug companies’ animal tests of their gene manipulation messenger RNA or DNA “vaccines” killed all the animals, who were OK until they encountered viruses again after they’d received the vax.

And it’s criminal that the same media colluded with corrupt politicians and drug cartel doctors to suppress the inexpensive preventatives and cures for COVID (like $94 Ivermectin), while pushing the useless and wildly expensive “approved” drugs along with useless and usually fatal procedures, as explained in this post from a Telegram group:

💥BQQQQQQQM💥 DOCTOR ADMITS ONCE HE INTUBATES PATIENTS 99% OF THOSE PATIENTS DIED – It’s never been about health or a cure…its about big pharma and hospitals scheming for profit.  This doctor calls it “politics.” 

If a hospital admits a COVID-19 patient, they get paid $13k. 

If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, the hospital gets paid  $39k—three times as much.

While HCQ is better known, has fewer side-effects, and costs about $20 a dose for out-patients, Remdesivir is a therapeutic course that costs $2,340/patient that has been proven to cause liver damage. Being intravenous, remdesivir requires expensive hospital care (hospital receives an addl $13k from Medicare.)

There have been many accounts of hospitals placing non covid patients on covid floors…increasing exposure and the hospital’s chance of cashing in more. This is why some hospitals refuse to allow family in. It’s not a “safety” protocol. They don’t want patient advocates like the woman in this video – 🍿🇺🇸 SHARE!!

If you’re interested in family advocate videos like the one mentioned in the above post, do your own research and you’ll find many depressing videos like that on the Internet.

Instead, I’ll end this post with videos by a very clever comedian (JP.) First, he points out the absurdity of suppressing effective cures and the sick twisted logic that healthy unvaxed people should be blamed for the harm caused by the vax:

Finally, here’s JP’s take on the future: