Exopolitical Overview 

While researching extra-terrestrial civilizations for the FineDay Academy Sci-Fi series, Points in Being, the author was surprised to find an amazingly comprehensive compendium that covers 110 alien races. It’s A Gift from the Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races by contactee Elena Danaan. As a result, further development of the series was put on hold in order to study information from Elena and her colleagues. Her information includes these books:

Elena’s information about The Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) has been supplemented by Dr. Michael Salla, who is one of the most prolific, organized and detail-oriented researchers in the field that he named “Exopolitics:” Here are some of his books:

Elena’s reports about the Federation of Worlds along with other source reports used by Dr. Salla comprise the main source of information for the FineDay history timeline about aliens, which we call the Exopolitical Group’s timeline.

Most reports about the workings of the Federation and other alien groups are from the viewpoint of people claiming exciting or exalted positions connected with aliens.

However, Dr. Salla also introduced the world to another source Tony Rodriguez, whose viewpoint is extremely important and unique as one of many human slaves abducted to work for dark forces in space. 


Contactee Elena Danaan was told by her alien friends that there are multiple dimensions similar to parallel universes. Each one has 12 levels of “density” (frequency) plus a thirteenth level, which is called “Source” by many aliens. 

The aliens seem to speak of the  highest level of pure consciousness with the same reverence that religious humans regard God. Since the higher the level, the higher the frequency, we’re considered to be living in a low frequency third density reality.


According to Elena, at some point (millions or billions of years ago), entities from another dimension or galaxy seeded the star system Lyra in our Milky Way galaxy with humanoid DNA.

Variations of the humanoid species evolved and spread throughout the galaxy, as did other species based on reptilian, insectoid and other life forms.  Processes like that have caused the universe to be filled with millions of extra-terrestrial civilizations just as diverse as on Earth.

As a result, the universe is comprised of many different species and races with all levels of technology, intelligence, morality and spiritual advancement.

The presence of some greedy immoral groups makes the universe a place with not just vast busy healthy commerce, but also conflict, wars and even slave trade.


Fortunately, some benevolent peace-loving races eventually joined with other like-minded groups to form various federations, such as the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW.)

According to Elena and others, the GFW believes that as much as possible, they should not openly interfere with evolving life forms on planets like Earth, as we gradually learn the necessary lessons to become a galactic civilization.

Since that sounds like the “Prime Directive” of the “United Federation of Planets” from the Star Trek series, some people believe accounts like Elena’s are derived from popular movies and TV shows.

In fact, Elena even says an alien conflict called the “Orion Wars” has similarities to the Star Wars series.

But she also says the similarities are due to the fact that the true history of aliens has been stealthily seeded among the creators of various entertainment vehicles.  (In another post, we’ll discuss evidence that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was given secret information about the Galactic Federation by a navy intel officer.)

Some people intuitively feel that Elena’s testimony is true based on the credibility and authenticity of the account in her book about how she got involved with the aliens.

Others rely on information from authorities and insiders to judge the veracity of Elena’s reports on subjects like the existence of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. For example, they value testimony from people like the retired brigadier general and scientist, Professor Haim Eshed.

Professor Eshed said that the Galactic Federation of Worlds is real and had talks with the Trump administration and other governments. For more about his revelation, please see this article by Dr. Salla:

Or, for general confirmation of a coverup of the alien situation, some people look to experts like astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who had a PhD from MIT and walked on the moon.

Dr. Mitchell famously said, “I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we’ve been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real.  It’s been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so…”


Besides the policy of Non-Interference, the Galactic Federation of Worlds honors the principle that the universe is balanced between creation and destruction, as demonstrated in the universal cycle of birth and death seen in everything from stars to people.

But as humans have discovered, sometimes the natural balance of predator and prey gets out of balance, especially when a non-indigenous predator species is introduced into an environment unable to cope with the invader.

Such a situation occurred on Earth over 5,000 years ago, when we were invaded by hostile species of very malevolent predator Reptilians and Grey aliens. They and their human collaborators have been intent on keeping us as virtual slaves in a continuous state of ignorance about the true nature of our own lives, as well as the truth about life outside of Earth.


Not to be confused with the many benevolent and peaceful races of the reptilian species, the extremely malevolent Earth invading race of reptilians call themselves Ciakahrr according to Elena Danaan. She says they are from the star system Alpha Draconis in the constellation we call Draco.

Contactee Alex Collier concurs with Elena.

Alex and says the Ciakahrr’s genetic evolution has remained fixed at one level for a very long time. They take their lack of growth as a sign that they have reached the pinnacle of evolution. It helps them justify their incredibly cruel treatment of other races.

According to Alex and others, until the Ciakahrr were recently stopped, they treated humans as a source of food and slave labor with human collaborators easily manipulated to act as elitist guards keeping the masses ignorant of their true plight.

If you think people that had been taken as food or slaves would be impossible to hide among normal missing person reports, consider this report that 4,432,880 people have vanished in just the past 20 years.

Humans acting as collaborators in such horrific practices should not be surprising given our long history of barbaric customs all over the Earth.

Tony Rodriguez gave an example, while referencing satanism and child sacrifice in an interview with Heidi Hite:

“The religion that practices ritual human sacrifice of kids has been around for about 12,000.  At one point in history a little more than two thousand years ago, the entire world practiced it. The Mississippi Indians, the Hawaiians, the Irish, the Romans, the Canaanites, all across the Middle East, the Philippines, Micronesia and in South America of course the Mayans, everybody in the world practiced ritual human sacrifice.”

The above woodcut depicts Abraham being stopped from sacrificing his son Isaac. [see RELIGION]

Such barbarity has been encouraged and exploited by the Ciakahrr. Their belief in the right of the strong to abuse the helpless and weak corresponds with their devotion to hierarchy, which is celebrated with pageantry. It’s a trait passed on to their human minions, who convince themselves that they are better than other humans due to their wealth or some other privileged status.

Here’s an illustration of how some people describe the low level reptilian invaders:

Here’s a Ciakahrr “elite” Illustrated by Elena Danaan in A Gift from the Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races :

The reptilian inspired monarchist idea of a “royal” right to rule based on lineage, rather than merit and popular support has been rejected by most humans.  The natural human rebellion against such elitism may account for the success the other invading alien race has had in influencing societies. They are a version of the Grey aliens called Maytra.

Offering an equally oppressive alternative to the Ciakahrr’s devotion to elitist totalitarian hierarchies is the Maytra’s promotion of totalitarian conformity. They are a vicious hive race with one connected mind that allows for no diversity of thought or action.

Not to be confused with the many benevolent and peaceful races of the Grey species, the Maytra are extremely malevolent invaders.  According to the Federation, the Maytra are a hate and rage filled parasitic slave trading race that is one of the worst enemies of all races in this galaxy. 

Here is Elena Danaan’s illustration from her book of a Maytra with one of their ships and their symbol:


Over the centuries, the Federation has refrained from overt confrontation on Earth with the Ciakahrr and Maytra invaders in order to avoid another destructive galactic war. (Hence, the need for stealth in attempting to help humans claim their sovereignty.) 

However, our oppression by the invaders and their human collaborators has spread off planet, so that they are now a threat to stellar neighbors.

As a result, the Federation has been forced to take action. Their military forces have helped certain freedom loving human military units fight the Ciakahrr and Maytra in their underground bases on Earth. But the Federation forces are only allowed to fight the aliens who invaded us, not the invaders’ human elite collaborators, who must be dealt with by their fellow humans.

As you will see in the Exopolitical Group’s timeline, the federation removed the alien invaders from their bases on the moon in 2021, paving the way for us to resume human landings there. Not long after, the Federation removed the invaders and their human collaborators from Mars and the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt.

Here’s a NASA photo of Ceres related to impressive evidence that Tony Rodriguez was telling the truth about his time in servitude there:


As those victories over the Ciakahrr and Maytra were assured, in July 2021, the Galactic Federation held talks with various Earth governments and corporations to plan the future. According to Elena Danaan, the priority was to establish a human capability for Earth to defend itself from future attacks by building a sophisticated fleet of defensive space ships.

Since the Prime Directive prohibits the Federation from doing the building for us, they looked to the corporations best positioned to ramp up massive production of space vehicles. The federation rejected traditional aerospace corporations like Lockheed Martin due to their involvement with humans who collaborated with the Ciakahrr and Maytra. 

Instead, they made a very controversial choice, which is detailed in the Exopolitical Group’s Alien timeline on our history website Points in Time.

We’d like to reiterate that the conflict in our solar system appears to be a drama of such epic proportions, that we are happy to postpone our work on our Sci-fi series in an attempt to document the drama in our history department.