IDENTITY of T Speculation

The character T could refer to any of the following individuals:

Physicist Campbell was instrumental in creating the Monroe Institute where he trained people to do “Out of Body” (OOB) travel. Once he had established the institute, he left it to do his own OOB consciousness research to formulate a physics “Theory of Everything.”

Songbird screenwriter David Watkinson’s connection to Campbell’s work culminated in Watkinson’s credit as a co-author (along with a JPL physicist and a Caltech mathematician) on Campbell’s peer-reviewed quantum physics paper proposing experiments to test his theories. 

The experiments are currently being conducted at three universities in the US and Canada with progress updates at Tom’s website CUSAC.org. 

The postponement of Tom’s identity as T, might have something to do with Watkinson and Campbell’s disagreement about theories concerning aliens and ET civilizations.

Author of several books, Tony runs various remote viewing groups. He claims to have been trained as a child in remote viewing and OOB travel in a secret military program. 

Watkinson’s connection to Tony is as a member of a remote viewing group run by Tony.

Tony’s identity as T may be postponed because Watkinson doesn’t want the series or himself to be associated with some dark and disturbing conspiracies that Tony described in his first book, “Ceres Colony Cavalier.” 

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Watkinson’s connection to Thor Han is via Thor Han’s alleged connection with author Elena Danaan. 

While researching a screenplay about aliens, Watkinson joined Elena’s Patreon group, and read her book “A Gift From The Stars.”  In the book, Elena claims to be in contact with various extraterrestrials including Thor Han.  

Thor Han’s identity as T may be postponed to avoid the ridicule factor about aliens built up by years of government efforts to suppress ET information. 

If Thor Han is to be revealed as T, Watkinson has said it will be in a way to prove that Thor Han is a real living ET. 

Lenape Chief Tamanend was revered by colonists as “Saint Tammany,” the emblem of peace and harmony amongst peoples. As witnessed by John Adams, in many American towns and cities, May Day was officially celebrated as “Saint Tammany’s Day.”

For a very long time, there were St. Tammany societies all over the country.
For some reason, it has been forgotten that Tammany was the patron saint of America as Columbia was the female symbol of America.

Tamenend’s identity as T may be postponed because Watkinson has publicly said he doesn’t trust psychic “channeling.”  So he may want to delay the embarrassment of admitting that a character is actually being “channeled.”

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Mr. T is an American actor who has starred in various movies and TV shows.

Mr. T’s identity as T may be postponed because his identity as a teacher of the branch of philosophy know as metaphysics may sound like a joke given the trade marked character he plays in public. 

But the philosophy in his decision to call himself Mr. T is no joke: 

I think about my father being called “boy”, my uncle being called “boy”, my brother, coming back from Vietnam and being called “boy”.

So I questioned myself:
“What does a black man have to do before he’s given respect as a man?”

So when I was 18 years old, when I was old enough to fight and die for my country, old enough to drink, old enough to vote, I said I was old enough to be called a man.

I self-ordained myself Mr. T, so the first word out of everybody’s mouth is “Mr.”

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