About the FineDay Academy


LEARN from the Past, LIVE in the Present, Create the future with LOVE


We agree with the following moral principle from the Prime Directive:

“The right of each sentient species to live following the greater universal law of Free Will, in accordance with its natural and biological cultural evolution is considered sacred.”

If we follow the Prime Directive, as we become a space faring civilization encountering primitive worlds, we may not “interfere with the normal, autonomous and healthy development of native life, society and culture.”

Fortunately for us, alien species so advanced that they look at us as primitive talking animals, are prohibited by the directive from eating or enslaving us.

Although the directive specifically applies to group behavior in space, we believe it can also apply to individuals on Earth in situations of power imbalances like that between adults and children, intellectually gifted and intellectually challenged people, humans and animals, etc.

The application of the Prime Directive’s moral principle on an individual basis, is what we call the Individual Directive.


Lovingly applying the Prime Directive’s free will protections to individual sovereignty would eliminate all forms of exploitation from slaughter to slavery to mere manipulation for an unfair advantage.

Of course, many big challenges in organizing society in that way are obvious.

For example, history has shown that allowing freedom in the market place for entrepreneurs to thrive has contributed to general prosperity, as well as huge concentrations of wealth and power. Unfortunately, that power can be used to turn people who lack entrepreneurial skills or resources into virtual wage slaves.

Another example of an obvious obstacle would be the problems inherent in applying the Individual Directive to human interaction with animals. That application would conflict with the biological or psychological need a large majority of humans have for eating animal products.


Our mission is to help facilitate the creation of a consensus on long term strategies for overcoming the obstacles to building a society that adheres to both the Prime and Individual Directives.

For example, in the economics section, we will examine strategies for rewarding entrepreneurial initiative and skill, while ensuring great prosperity for all non-entrepreneurial or unskilled, but good-hearted followers of the Directives.

And in our Health Department’s section on Food, we will look at methods for accommodating meat-eaters, while building a society with animal rights.

In summary, we will look for the most loving and practical strategies and plans for humanity to overcome any obstacles to becoming a proud member of the galactic community.


The Academy was founded by David Watkinson, who worked in the education field in his spare time, while working in the film and television business. For example, David was Director of Education for the National Business Academy, a UCLA extension instructor and a visiting Assistant Professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Film.

For more about David and the work that led him to found FineDay, please see this short picture story, “About MAIN STREET MULTIMEDIA Kind of a Cat Tale.”