1- Video Testimony

OOB Research

In order to differentiate between dreams and actual Out of Body experiences, we only focus on “veridical” OBEs, which are experiences where there is verified evidence that the person was actually out of boy.

As part of our Discussion Group, people who have had veridical OBE’s will be interviewed. And interviews from previous groups on the subject led by Songbird producer/writer David Watkinson will be presented.

For example, here is a discussion with veteran veridical OBE teacher Graham Nicholls and famous neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, who had an NDE (Near Death Experience.)

Here’s testimony from a member of one of the meetups that the screenwriter organized to investigate metaphysics and quantum physics. While out of body during a surgery NDE, the speaker witnessed various events with family members that were later verified to have actually occurred. The veridical evidence discussion starts around the 10:47 mark.

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