About the WRITER

David Watkinson started writing in Hollywood as a story analyst for legendary literary agent Irving Lazar via his wife’s production company. (Lazar represented famous writers like Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams and many more.)

Subsequently, David was represented as a screenwriter by the Lynn Pleshette agency. After his first screenplay was optioned, David put his second screenplay on hold, when recruited to work on feature films using his experience as an Assistant Director and his skills with computer animation and programming.

Having worked on over 33 feature films, David switched to TV and the series Bones, where he finally found some time to get back to writing.

One of the Bones head-writers, Scott Williams told David, “You’re a great writer. I look at some people and wonder how they ever got work as a writer. And I look at you and don’t understand why you’re not working as a full time writer.”

The short answer to Scott’s question is that David believes he was on a much better path for his life goals, which he was finally able to pursue after finishing work on all three seasons of Seth MacFarlane’s series The Orville.

His goals are represented by the projects listed on the FineDay homepage, which are funded by donations from supporters and proceeds from David’s company, Main Street Multimedia and his Sci-fi novel Songbird: Astral Adventures

Here’s a very short picture story about David’s journey from Main Street to FineDay:

“About MAIN STREET MULTIMEDIA Kind of a Cat Tale.”

Songbird homepage