1- Tribes

TRIBES Research

The Songbird writer’s main interest is metaphysics and consciousness research with a story focus on out of body travel. As a result, the character songbird could have been any ethnicity.

The screenwriter chose to have Songbird be Native American to bring attention to the history and culture of indigenous people. That’s because he believes they have frequently been treated unfairly by more technologically advanced cultures. (His personal reasons to specifically promote the Lenni Lenape are explained below in this video.)

Once the discussion group gets going, the plan is to interview representatives of various tribes about their beliefs and culture. Of course, the first tribe to research is the Lenape:

Lenni Lenape

Since the plan is to have Songbird wear some tattoos, here’s some information about tribal body art:

Some of the above information about tribal body art comes from the official website of the Delaware / Lenape Tribe.

Here’s why the writer chose to have the lead character be Lenape with the first story about a Lenape issue:

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