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Since the Academy is in an early stage of construction, we haven’t invited the public yet.
So, we’ll assume you’re one of our friends taking a sneak peak at what we have so far.

Please start by viewing our 4 minute introductory video:


ABOUT FINEDAY (Guiding Principles • Mission  • Founder)




Presentation Palace Art Gallery Shows

• Opening Jan 2022 – artists David & Jim Watkinson – First floor inner gallery, panel #1
3 Artists needed – First floor inner gallery
2 Artists needed – Second floor gallery

Presentation Palace Photo Gallery Shows

• Opening Jan 2022 – photographers David & Jim Watkinson – First floor inner gallery
3 Photographers needed – First floor inner gallery
2 Photographers needed – Second floor gallery

Zoom Meetings:

Every Saturday at 5pm PST Private English lesson and political discussion with Kim & David Watkinson’s friends in Japan (newspaper reporters)

Every Tuesday & Sunday – noon PST – By Invitation – FineDay website Tech discussion (WordPress / Javascript / Tumult Hype)


Next All Reality Meetup – online – January 2022

Next Santa Monica Paranormal/UFO Group – online – January 2022

Next IONS~LA Institute of Noetic Sciences – Los Angeles – online – January 2022

Had enough “Future Tripping”? Don’t need to see the Directory below? Then get back to living in the Present – Here!

Current People Profiles

(We haven’t posted any profiles yet. But if you’ve been invited to preview the Academy, we’re happy to post your profile as a friend. So please send a short bio with your social media links and links to any projects you want to promote.)

Meditations to bring your full consciousness into the present:

(Please send links to any that you think are particularly good.)

FineDay Zoom Meetings:

None right now

FineDay Google Meets:

None right now

YouTube Live Streams

None right now

Live Webcams: