Los Angeles Raw Food Group

We’re not sure of the group’s exact name, but they are associated in some way with RA Healthy Foods after having evolved from a Southern California raw food club called Rawsome Foods.¬†

(The FineDay Academy founder joined Rawsome, when members proved to him that he could avoid his “lactose intolerance” or milk “allergies” by drinking raw milk, which doesn’t have the “good stuff” boiled out of it.)

The Rawsome Foods club was harassed by corporate food conglomerate backed government agencies. In 2011, the agencies sent an armed team to raid the club. See Forbes.com account.

The armed raiders pulled all the raw animal products out of the walk-in freezer and piled them in the sun. After a few hours in the sun, they “tested” the raw milk to see if it had any bacteria and as planned, they found some!

According to one of the Rawsome members, a representative of the club went to Washington to ask for help. They visited every senator, including Sen. Obama.

The Rawsome representative reported that every senator asked for a bribe [campaign donation] to help Rawsome, with the single exception of Sen. Rand Paul.

As a result, during the 2012 Republican Presidential debate, Sen. Paul gave the Rawsome Food club raid as an example of government overreach.