Songbird Song


Here’s a version of Songbird’s “Have a Fine Day” song sung by the writer/producer’s wife Kim Watkinson and her co-workers at DISH TV and their friends. Their performance was for a project to promote international friendship and world peace.  Kim’s colleague Stephany Prodromos sings lead. Responses below.

Dave Thomas, the great writer, actor and producer had this to say about the video:

What a positive, uplifting piece of work.
And I just want to say… I hope you have a fine day!
Dave Thomas

From a very spiritual lady caring for her ailing mother:

Mother and I watched this video at 10 pm our time yesterday (12/20/23) and Mother had her best night of sleep in over a week!

Mother didn’t understand the galactic stuff, but she sure enough understood the communication of love and caring and seeing different cultures expressing that.  Fantastic!

I feel finishing off your night with high vibrational loving energy communication is so critical.  And it really seemed to work for Mother!  And of course definitely for me! So Thank you so much! 💕

You can see the full video including “galactic stuff” Here 🙂

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