1) Pay Operating Expenses

Should I post a detailed budget for the public to see?

2) Protect IP — Get trademarks

3) Get professional help with web site security

If you know Patrick Byrne, please tell him we need his help 🙂

4) Pay for consultation, if I need help setting up the campus store.

5) Pay for help to program input capabilities for Timelines.

6) Pay for a little help programming input capabilities for other departments.

7) Pay for graphics help completing Points in Being.

8) Pay for lawyer to create FineDay legal structure for future transfer:

Prepare a structure to allow eventual transfer of the FineDay Academy to a worthy group or groups.

Our Worthy Group Criteria:

A) Must have programs to help humanity

B) Must have publicly acknowledged the following three truths that show the depth and seriousness of the organization’s knowledge and research on subjects of importance to humanity:

1) Aliens are real and are here.

2) The vax injections are not good for people.

We’ll preface the third truth with what was said in the Politics Department. There is some evidence to support each of three contradictory evaluations of President Trump, as either a super villain, a super hero, or something in between. But one thing is clear. There is overwhelming evidence for the third truth that should be acknowledged:

3) For some reason, the American military and intel agencies did not stop the 2020 election from being massively flipped by domestic and foreign computer hacks. (The standard paper ballot fraud is a distraction from the main fraud done with digital technology.)

If that’s news to you, you could start serious research by reading a book by someone who did not vote for Trump, but had experience leading a team of computer fraud investigators. Dr. Patrick Byrne is a Classic Liberal who received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and Asian studies from Dartmouth College, a master’s in philosophy (ethics) from Cambridge University, and a doctorate in philosophy (focusing on political theory, jurisprudence, and economics) from Stanford University.

Dr. Byrne’s book is The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him.

BTW, the Hero narrative says the election steal was allowed, so Trump could catch the bad guys in the act. That “sting operation” has the “white hat” military waiting in the wings to reveal the bad guys’ crimes any day now. (That’s been the promise to the millions of Trump supporters virtually every day since Nov 3, 2020. To doubters, it’s reminiscent of Stalin’s Operation Trust.)

The Villain narrative says Trump allowed the steal, so he could have the lacky Biden do the dirty work of pushing an evil vax plan (see our Health section), while Trump waits in the wings as a victim to return a hero in 2024. You decide:-)

FYI, we’re currently investigating two candidate groups to inherit the FineDay Academy, who meet the A & B criteria.

Interestingly, one group thinks Trump is a hero and the other thinks he’s a villain!

Since we think it would benefit humanity, we want to see if there’s a way for the two groups to reconcile their differences.


1) Put PLACEHOLDER POSTS in every period of the Points in Time scroll manually, while programming an input system for the public to use.

2) Revise Homepage menu to provide direct links to departments?

3) Build the CAMPUS STORE

4) To help with my “WORTHY GROUP” RESEARCH, create a timeline of the current candidate organizations under consideration, along with “Critical Analysis” by invited critics.

5) Repurpose content from one of my previous websites to form the FINEDAY PHYSICS / METAPHYSICS DEPARTMENT to explain Newtonian, Quantum and VR physics, plus the new (to me) field of Electric Universe physics.

6) Expand the ALIENS – GFW & Exopolitics timeline from billions of years ago all the way to the present.

7) Populate each department of the academy with at least some content.

For example, invite my colleague to display a flythrough of his amazing 3D world in the Portal. Invite my VR friend to set up VR shows for the Portal.

8) Build the INTERACTIVE CAMPUS MAP and 2D simulations of 3D environments for each campus building.

9) Convert all the content pages’ “I” statements by DMW into “we” statements

The switch would reflect the fact that the school would hopefully at this point be a group effort. Or, if reference to a singular person is necessary, replace “DMW” with “FineDay Founder.” That’s because the school is not about promoting me. It’s about gathering the wisdom of the collective to find a way out of the mess we’re in.

10) Create material to distribute to various groups and individuals for INVITING THE PUBLIC to FineDay.

11) Rewrite the POINTS IN BEING series to reflect the information in the two main alien timelines.

(Ideally, that would be with the help of the principals from those timelines, who would share in revenue from the series.)

12) COMPLETE THE GRAPHICS for the Points in Being series to SELL the online and hard copy versions.


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