Put a donation button in the campus store with a list of funding priorities to show where donated money would be spent. Include crypto currency?


Charge a fee to post Personal Timelines on FineDay’s Points in Time website that present a short bio with the individual’s social media and business links. It would be for people who want others to know what they have been doing, what they’re capable of doing (for those looking for work), or for people who want to share their family history with multiple posts.

There would be a modest fee per year for a single post, but no fee, if the individual contributed to the academy in some way. For example: content providers, professional consultant helpers (tech, legal, etc.), donors, or friends giving feedback would be invited to post for free.

So as a Special Sneak Peak Friend giving me your reaction to the project, you are welcome to post your bio for free (when the tech is ready to accommodate posts:-)


For links to books sold on amazon, get 4.5% of the sale price.


In the campus store, sell artwork and photos from exhibitions in the Visual Arts department as individual pieces, or on mugs, t-shirts etc..

Proceeds from my own artwork would go 100% to the school. Proceeds for artwork by friends of FineDay would go to the artist, minus 20%? to the school. (Most art galleries take 50%.) For featured artist / authors like Elena Danaan, FineDay would not charge a fee to provide a link to artwork in their own stores


Sell Points in Being and 3rd party graphic novels as ebooks or printed hard copies with the same fee structure as artwork – 20% to the school, 80% to the author.


Once all the FineDay websites are operational, do fundraiser on Indiegogo? Kickstarter? GoFundMe?


Host a Patreon channel for me to give updates and do Q&A, once the websites are all operational and open to the public. (Until then, I’ll do zoom calls, whenever you have a question or suggestion you’d like to share.)


When the rewrite is ready, sell the rights to produce Points in Being, as a live action movie or series.

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