FineDay Projects

Create the future with love by building video time travel trips for a preview of important upcoming events for various humanitarian groups. Support the humanitarian project with personal and commercial time travel trips.

FineDay presents Points in Time, an educational project building on history quiz questions developed with the help of FineDay Patreon members.

And FineDay history buffs and Patreon members will compete in the Points in Time game during live meetings in the FineDay Cafe.

FineDay CAFE

The FineDay Cafe is the landing site in the present for time travelers on their way to the future in FineDay Time Travel videos. Celebrations and other events are held in the cafe. For example, Karaoke will soon be available for you to sing along with various groups and vocalists performing their version of the FineDay international friendship song, “In Between In Every Way.”


In the fiction category, the FineDay founder is writing a screenplay related to the history project. And he’s producing an online sci-fi series, which is related to his work in the non-fiction category.

In the non-fiction category, FineDay is producing a series discussing quantum physics, metaphysics and theories about ETs. It’s based on the founder’s work with scientists investigating the theory that we’re living in a consciousness created virtual reality simulation.

Also in the non-fiction category is this short picture story, “About MAIN STREET MULTIMEDIA Kind of a Cat Tale.”


The characters in the FineDay sci-fi series Points in Being come back from a galactic adventure and want to share what they learned. So, they create a virtual school called the FineDay Academy.

Eventually there will be various departments created to give courses and lectures on various subjects. One of the first lecture series will be from the FineDay writing project [see above] discussing quantum physics, metaphysics and theories about ETs.

Here’s a tour of the school:

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